Spyderwash Cards 

We are pleased to be the only store operators in Marin to offer a credit card and mobile payment option in addition to coins.  Laundry Made Easier® signifies our intention to provide both that convenience and a better environment, including seating space and electrical outlets for working productively or eating while you wait, as much separation as possible between the seating areas and where people are doing laundry, wireless internet connections, and as much folding space as possible.

The Spyderwash systems are a big part of this.  You can use quarters, credit or debit cards, or mobile payment options.  Rather than carrying coins and slowly putting in one quarter at a time like old fashioned Laundromats, just swipe your card (or tap your mobile payment enabled phone).    

Or, you can use our loyalty cards to get the benefit of our 10th wash free program.

Here’s what to expect if you are using a credit card or mobile payment application:

  • The first time you swipe a credit card or tap your phone, the system will place a five dollar authorization on your card (like a gas station, but for a lot less).  
  • After you are done, the banks update this to the actual amount of money charged to the card.  If for some reason the machine does not vend, the authorization should be removed within at most two business days.
  • It should take about nine seconds after a card is swiped or phone tapped for the machine to receive confirmation and debit the card.
  • The transaction will “close out” after the card has not been used for about an hour.  If the transaction exceeds $25, it may complete the transaction and start a new one for the amount beyond $25.
  • When using dryers, press the enter button on the card reader to select the total desired time before swiping the card. Then, please remember to press the start button on the dryer you plan to use (top or bottom).
  • Unfortunately, the system is dependent on the Internet connection.  We do have devices that check the status of the Internet connection every 15 minutes and restart the modem if it detects a potential problem.    
  • As of January, 2018, the company that makes these systems told us that they are testing a device that automatically switches the system from using the primary Internet connection to using a wireless backup if there is an Internet problem.  As soon as this system has been tested and made available, we will install it.